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Timberland South Africa Partners with Fruit and Trees for Africa: Growing a Greener Future Together



Here at Timberland South Africa, we believe in the power of responsible business practices and environmental stewardship. That's why we're thrilled to announce our 3 month partnership with Fruit and Trees for Africa (FTFA), a leading non-profit organisation dedicated to tackling food insecurity and climate change in our beloved continent.

FTFA's work resonates deeply with our own values. Their mission is to plant diverse fruit trees, offering communities not just delicious and nutritious food, but also opportunities for income generation and improved soil health. Their commitment to empowering communities extends beyond simply planting trees and vegetables; they share essential knowledge and skills for sustainable agriculture management and smarter food production, ensuring the impact goes well beyond a single season.

Fruit and Trees for Africa: A Beacon of Hope

Despite its rich cultural tapestry and diverse landscapes, Africa faces significant challenges. Food insecurity and climate change are two of the most pressing issues, impacting millions of lives. Recognising the urgency of this situation, FTFA emerged as a powerful force for positive change.

FTFA's approach is simple yet effective: plant fruit trees. However, these trees offer far more than just delicious and nutritious fruit. They also provide communities with:

  • Income generation: Fruits can be sold or processed into products, generating much-needed income for families.

  • Improved soil health: Trees add organic matter to the soil, improving its fertility and reducing erosion.

  • Increased biodiversity: Diverse fruit trees attract pollinators and other wildlife, creating a healthier ecosystem.

  • Climate change mitigation: Trees absorb carbon dioxide, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating the impact of climate change.

Empowering Communities and Nurturing the Environment

FTFA goes beyond simply planting trees. They work hand-in-hand with communities, sharing essential knowledge and skills in sustainable tree management and food production. This empowers individuals and families alike to take control of their food security and contribute positively as a community to a greener future.

Timberland's Commitment to Sustainable Growth

 As a brand committed to sustainable growth, Timberland South Africa recognises the importance of responsible forestry practices and reducing our environmental footprint. We are also very aware of the challenges facing many communities around South Africa and are dedicated to making a positive difference as a company and encouraging our employees to do the same. By partnering with FTFA for this period, we can leverage our resources and expertise to support their vital work in several ways:

  • Planting more fruit trees: This combination of financial support and donation of physical labour allows FTFA to expand its tree-planting initiatives, reaching more communities and enhancing their food security.

  • Empowering communities: Our passionate team members volunteer their time planting vegetables and trees. It is due in part to campaigns and initiatives like this that allow for fostering knowledge and capacity within communities.

  • Raising awareness: Timberland's large platform is able to amplify FTFA's message, spreading awareness about their work and inspiring others to get involved.

A Shared Vision for a Greener Future

This 3 month partnership between Timberland and FTFA is more than just a corporate social responsibility initiative. It's a powerful demonstration of how collaboration can create real and lasting change. Together, we are able to:
  • Strengthen food security: By providing communities with access to nutritious food sources, we contribute to reducing hunger and malnutrition..

  • Promote environmental sustainability: The planting of trees helps, if only a little, to combat deforestation, improve soil health, and even does a small part in mitigating the impact of climate change.

  • Empower individuals and communities: By sharing knowledge and skills, we empower local communities to take charge of their future and create a more sustainable way of life.

This collaborative effort is a testament to the potential of corporate partnerships, whether long standing or temporary to make a meaningful difference in the world. By combining resources and expertise, Timberland and FTFA are able to contribute towards a future where South Africa's communities are empowered, the environment is protected, and a more sustainable future is within reach.


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By Katie Hart




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