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The art of hand-sewn boat shoes


The art of Timberland hand-sewn boat shoes


The art of Timberland hand-sewn boat shoes is truly remarkable. It is a testament to the power of slow and the importance of craftsmanship. Each shoe is made with incredible attention to detail, using high-quality materials and a specialised process that takes 30 times longer than mass-produced shoes.

The hand-stitching process, which involves sewing the vamps while still on the last, ensures that the shoes maintain their shape and provide a custom fit. The leather used in the shoes cradles the entire foot, moulding to its shape over time, and ensuring both comfort and style.


Timberland Product Director Donald Desalvio explains what makes the process so special: “Our hand-sewn shoes are sewn ‘on the wood.’  This is an old saying that means the vamps (what you see when looking down on the shoe) are actually sewn by hand while still on the last (a mechanical form shaped like a foot).  This is a very difficult and specialised process, but it’s what makes the shoes maintain a great shape.”

In a world where fast fashion is prevalent, the Timberland hand-sewn boat shoes are a refreshing reminder of the value of taking time to create something truly exceptional. These shoes are not just a fashion statement, but also an investment in quality and durability.

Whether you're a seasoned sailor or an international jetsetter, the Timberland boat shoes are the perfect combination of style and functionality. So the next time you're looking for a pair of shoes that will last you a lifetime, consider investing in the art of Timberland hand-sewn boat shoes.



By Danielle Frylinck

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