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Staying Strong and being Productive While Working from Home

Staying Strong and being Productive While Working from Home

We are used to challenges Mother Nature throws at us. Looking at all the difficulties South Africa has overcome through the years, Mzansi is by far one of the most resilient and strong countries in the world.

At Timberland, we believe in the power of nature and human nature. South Africans have once again come together to make a difference, to donate to worthy causes fighting homelessness during this period, to assist small businesses that have taken a knock due to the lockdown, and to do what they can do to beat this pandemic and flatten the curve; we are indeed a country of heroes.

We reached out to some heroes and friends of Timberland to find out how they are staying strong and what advice do they have for those of us who have the privilege of working from home.


Asha Singh – Do not spend all day binge watching

This is an obvious one. How are you going to do the anyone if you're sitting in front of the tv and streaming Netflix/Showmax all day? You're allowed to get your fix of Love Is Blind with an episode or two a day to unwind but spending more than an hour or two watching series every single day of social distancing/self-quarantine is going to seriously waste so much of useful time.

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Stephanie Marthinus – Wake up the same time and get dressed like you are going to work

Even though I am not physically leaving my apartment, I still make sure to dress as if I’m going to work (obviously different if you work in a corporate environment), brush my hair, wash my face. I found that if I don’t do this and stay in my pyjamas all day, I’m not productive and become lazy in completing my tasks.

It’s so easy for us to wake up later than usual because our mind is telling us we’re at home. This is a mistake. Rather wake up the same time and prepare for the day ahead. You’ll feel refreshed and energised to get the day going.

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Yeshira – Keep on keeping on

Yes, everyone has solutions as to what you should do during this time – and everyone is simply just trying to help. I’ve managed to find a slight balance and routine in what I am doing on the daily while still working. My focus is on boosting my immune system and mental health.

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Neeta Raga D – Be positive

Keeping calm and focused on our loved ones is essential at this time. Keep in touch will friends and family through video call and texts, uplift their spirits, it’s important to check in on each other.

Light a candle, focus on positive thinking, meditate, pray, spend time reflecting, the quiet time can spark creative ideas for new projects in future.

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Drop us a mail or connect with us through our socials and tell us how you are staying strong and ensuring productivity while working from home. How is your mental health and how are managing to get things done?